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How to maintain speaker parts

In speaker parts, for the cones, the foam edge and rubber edge are easy broken down, if the quality is not good, after a long time, it is easy out of sharp . And if the material of cone is paper, it will be corroded by mold when it getting wet, at this time, it is better for you to choose Medical alcohol sponge to wipe the cone from back quickly. It is better for you to prepare a box of car wax which import from other abroad which used in the import brand cars and smear it on the T-Yoke and washer, it can prevent them being corroded. If the material of frame is steel, it also need do like this. For the ferrite magnet, it usual do not needs to maintain, but as the time fly, it will appear a phenomenon of field-loss, but the influence is little, which can be ignored.
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